we are a STUDENT TRAVEL CONSULTANT in malaysia

You can now study in malaysia for as low as $1500.

We are education agent in Malaysia who specialize in services of counselors, consultants and advisors with a quality, professionalism and integrity

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We provide assistance to help you get into those Universities that would best suit your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/parameters, and not limited to the Universities we represent.

1. Modern Amenities

Live Comfortably as a student here in Malaysia. We have very good transportation system with world-class highways that connect all the States in Peninsula Malaysia. Travelling within the city is very convenient with light rail system, buses and taxis.

2. Reputable Universities

Malaysia is a top choice of many international students who wants to obtain good reputable degrees atm very low fees.

3. Places of interest

There are lots of interesting places to visit: ranging from nature (beach, mountains, jungles, rivers and caves), historical places, cultural destinations and shopping.

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* Educational Counselling * University Selection * Visa Assistance * Airport Assistance * Registration for Entrance and English tests * Visitor Visas * Offers & Admissions in Universities / * Colleges * Pre Departure and Post Arrival Services

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